The Appraisal Associates provides opinions of value for any transaction participant, negotiating prices, arranging financing, assessing strategic options or determining tax consequences of a transaction. Such transactions include mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and divestitures where it is important to understand all value implications.

Before, during, or after the transaction has been struck, The Appraisal Associates’s professionals provide independent valuation and financial consulting services to ensure that your best interests are served.

Strategic planning in connection with a merger, an acquisition, or an exit from a business calls for an independent assessment of value. With clear understanding and informed expectations, you will be better armed to make the correct decisions to maximize shareholder value.

Negotiating a merger, acquisition, or business sale often involves differences in opinion of value. An experienced valuation professional can assist you in explaining the valuation process and how it should be applied to the business at hand. With both parties having a common understanding and appreciation for the value of the business, a smoother transaction is assured.

Shareholders, directors, and fiduciaries often require an independent opinion to verify that the transaction they have struck is fair from a financial point of view. Our experienced valuation professionals can provide such an opinion and the confidence you have made the correct decisions.

Our services in this area include:

  • Providing an independent valuation of a company in accordance with the Articles of Association to determine the price paid to an investor that wishes to sell their shareholding.
  • Advising buyers on the inherent value within target businesses and potential synergies that may be gained through an acquisition.
  • Assisting sellers to ensure that consideration received recognizes the full value of the business or asset.
  • Preparing fairness opinions and contribution in kind reports to ensure equitable treatment of all shareholders in any transaction.
  • Allocating the purchase price either to asset classes for financial reporting (See Business Combinations) or to businesses within different tax jurisdictions (See Purchase Price Allocations).
  • Providing valuation opinions so that owners can assess the financial consequences of strategic options
  • Assisting in determining the likely realizable value of underutilized intangible assets.

In contrast to the large investment banks usually involved in these transactions Appraisal Associates is fully independent consulting firm and has no conflicts of interest.


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