The Appraisal Associates provides expert solutions empowering business owners to manage important business life events. Its solutions are targeted at owners, advisors, and financial services firms.

Business life events are “high stakes” issues, such as selling or buying a business or property, restructuring, managing owner risks, business planning, financial raising or financial reporting. How these events are managed typically has a major impact on an owner's and management’s financial success; most are one-time events, and thus are outside an owner’s and management’s experience. Valuation of a business is a central activity to managing most business life events.

Our mission is to empower business and professional practice owners to more effectively manage their business life events by providing understandable, practical, expert, objective, and cost-effective valuation information. Our research shows that many owners have delayed planning and implementing business life events' solutions, due to concerns about high costs, questions about advisor and service provider objectivity, and fears that they do not know enough about these issues to effectively manage them.

With the significant growth of small, privately held businesses in Serbia over the last years, the number of business owners that will need to sell or otherwise transition out of their business has likewise grown to record level.

For professional advisors, we provide an objective and reliable source of valuation advice to help educate their owner clients about the importance of planning for business life events. Our role is limited to providing this objective and reliable foundation of information and advice through our expert systems.


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