The professionals at the Appraisal Associates have provided planning services to a wide range of business owners, encompassing start-up entrepreneurs looking for financing, high-tech companies seeking first and second tier capital, and business owners seeking exit strategies in order to move into other ventures. We create focus on goals and identify workable strategies to meet these goals.


Customized Business Plan Details

We do not believe in packaged and a template-based solution, thus each the Appraisal Associates engagement is customized to meet the specific business plan needs.

Each engagement includes a combination of the following consulting components:

Strategy and Concept Development
The Appraisal Associates assist clients in strengthening their business model, developing “go to market” strategies, challenging their underlying business and financial assumptions and ensuring they have sufficient levels of market and competitive research. We involve our clients in comprehensive SWOT analysis and assumption validation. This value-added service helps clients improve the quality, believability and fundability of their plan.

Business Plan Narrative
The Appraisal Associates assist clients in preparing the 15 to 30 pages of well-written “narrative” required in a business plan to properly convey an opportunity to outsiders. The narrative is supplemented with graphs, charts, logos and pictures where appropriate and clearly identifies the business goals, strategies, and organizational structure, as well as a market analysis for the business.

Financial Projections
The Appraisal Associates assist clients in the development of realistic, detailed and well thought out financial assumptions and financial projections. This includes developing, testing and analyzing assumptions to ensure their feasibility and soundness, in addition to “number crunching” financial models to produce standard financial statements - Capital Budgets, Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flows.

The Appraisal Associates' Business Plans cover the key points of the business or business concept - including business model overview, revenue assumptions, market analysis, customer overview, competitive analysis, marketing strategies and management team overview.


Bank Oriented Business Plan

Many growing and dynamic businesses need additional capital in order to fund growth, increase working capital, make acquisitions, build inventory or take advantage of other business opportunities.

In many instances, businesses may simply choose to leverage their existing assets by borrowing against those assets.

After reviewing your financial statements and discussing your plans, Appraisal Associates can prepare a document you can use to confidently communicate your business needs and requirements to lenders. Specifically, the document will outline for the lender:

  • The Background on your company’s business, products and services.
  • An analysis of the company’s markets and customers.
  • A use of proceeds for the money being borrowed.
  • A discussion and presentation of historical financial statements.
  • Projections that show the effect of the uses of the funds and the business' ability to retire the debt.

The Appraisal Associates assists clients in developing comprehensive, financial assumptions and financial projections that include a complete set of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement forecasts for up to 5 years. Financial Projections can be completed as part of a Customized Business Plan engagement or as a separate stand-alone service.

The Appraisal Associates assists you in developing and analyzing the financial and business assumptions behind each of your major income and expense categories, including revenue streams, cost of sales, sales and marketing, management and staffing, and overhead expenses. We then work with you in finalizing your balance sheet and cash flow assumptions, including key items that directly affect cash flow such as capital expenditures, accounts receivable and accounts payable. We utilize these assumptions to generate financial projections that clearly and powerfully portray what you consider to be the most likely scenario for the financial future of your business.


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