There are many appraisers and appraisal firms active in the marketplace. Selecting a qualified, certified and experienced appraiser has clear advantages to you as a consumer.

When you hire a qualified, certified and experienced appraiser, you have a high level of assurance:

  • Assurance that you are going to receive a complete, unbiased appraisal document based on accepted principles of valuation,
  • Assurance that the appraiser is going to be thorough and provide evidence of value,
  • Assurance that the right type of value is going to be used in your report,
  • Appraisal documents that comply with internationally recognized professional appraisal standards.
  • Background and experience in the property type being appraised.
  • Assurance that business activities as well as appraisal practices are governed by a professional Code of Ethics.


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